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Russia Plans To Send Tourists Into Near-Earth Orbit In Its “Space Yacht”

Reportedly, Russia is advancing a “space yacht” that is capable of taking off from normal airfields such as an aircraft to transport tourists to the near-Earth orbit, a head designer of Space Technologies and NPO Aviation stated. As per to designer Alexander Begak, several private firms are functioning on the unmanned spaceship dubbed Selena Space Yacht with the help of the NTI’s (National Technology Initiative) SpaceNet and AeroNet working groups. Begak stated, “We have a chance to dock on any landing field, the device settles like an airplane. We presently calculate the most favorable time for space journey—a comfortable flight path—as the experience states that people do not require being in the zero-gravity situation for as much as 10 Minutes,” Begak said.

He stated that the expansion of the spaceship started 2 Years ago. “Three space yachts would be created, with one pilot seat and six passenger seats. Though the spaceship will be without a crew, the pilot would be there for the ease of travelers,’’ Begak stated. The price of the flight would be almost 200,000 to 300,000 dollars for every person. The first flights are expected to start in 5 Years.

On a similar note, China is aiming to create a power station in the space by the end of 2025. Reportedly, China’s space aspirations are moving into a higher orbit. After its successful and exemplary trip to the distant side of the moon, China is getting ready for building a solar power station in the space, as the second largest economy globally strives to shine its superpower documentations. With a budget of $8 Billion annually for its space program, China is looking to contest with its competitor for military, economic, and technological governance.