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Payless ShoeSource Plans to Shut Down All Its US Stores

There is a disappointment coming the way of all the discounted shoe purchasers. Payless ShoeSource which had since years being providing a number of shoes at an insanely low price be it for family or oneself has currently deciding on going under the liquidation process and shutting down all its 2,100 US stores. The popular retailers including Gymboree and Charlotte Russe have all decided on closing the shop. The closing of the shops that once topped in the malls is not being considered to be a huge blow. The online sales of shoe like goods have succeeded in comparison to the once busy stores. The Internet sales and social media stores like Walmart and target have left stores like these far behind in terms of competition.

For inexpensive items, Payless was once an option but the current Internet craze and online shopping discounts have left shops like these to disappear into the dust. The escalation in the prices according to the sizes made it unaffordable to shop at department stores or Zappos owing to the comparable in pricing. Payless is still striking to put up a fight against Target but is yet below DSW which makes it difficult to keep the price low as well as maintain quality. The quality and capital maintenance is a puzzle that became difficult for the company to handle. People now prefer easy online shopping or one-stop stores like Walmart to shop as there is a better online presence.

Payless’ closure will not have any impact on its Latin American stores which will be open for business as standard. The change with time is the reason for the liquidation of the company. Even companies like Toys “R” Us, which was once a star toy store that had 70 Years of enrichment had shut down in June of last year. Walmart had to face a backlash last year owing to the sale of t-shirts imprinted with Impeach 45 which means the impeachment of President Trump, the 45th president of the United States. Even though superstore had to face criticism it still stands on top of the chart when it comes to sale.